UVé Professional Series Brush Sterilizer (Preorder - Ships December 1st)

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The UVé Professional Series Brush Sanitizer is the most powerful, robust and effective makeup brush sterilizer available. Wether you're looking to sterilize your brushes as fast and efficient as possible or a makeup artist protecting your clients from unsafe bacteria, our Professional Series Makeup Brush Sterilizer can handle the job.  Oh did we mention that it looks beautiful in any home or makeup counter.  Features include:

• Powerful 7.5 Inch UV-C germicidal light

• Patent pending magnetic bristle bar to open makeup brush bristles for deep sanitization

• Patent pending light slot in bristle bar for deepest light penetration

• Patent pending flexible fingers to hold almost any size makeup brush

• Disinfect anywhere from 5 to 7 makeup brushes at a time

• Multiple cleaning cycles ranging from quick to deep sanitize

• Embedded antimicrobial additives that eliminate bacterial growth throughout UVe

• Dimensions: 10"x7"x3.5"

Now that's a lot of power in a small area. Our Professional Series Brush Sterilizer is about the length and width of a standard iPad and the height of business card.

Would you pack a thicker iPad in your travel bag to minimize breakouts and bacteria? So would we!
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How to Use



Insert 5-8 Brushes

Any size brush and beauty sponge + eyelashes will fit inside the (P2) Pro Series.

Designed for personal and professionals to help eliminate harmful bacterias.



Press Power Button

Inside is where the magic happens. A cleaning bar will move up and down to open up the brush bristles.

By opening the bristles, it allows the powerful UV-C bulb to penetrate deep into the brush for maximum efficacy.



Close the Lid

Closing the lid will activate the safety switch and allow the unit to turn on.

UVé can eliminate up to 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses that resides on dirty makeup brushes.



Open the Lid

3 Sterilization modes to choose from. UVé starts to work within seconds.

Take out your now up to 99.9% bacteria/virus free brushes and use them.


  • Fits up to 8 brushes at once
  • Up to 99.9% killing power
  • Maximum efficacy with bar
  • Sterilized Brushes in seconds

Enjoy Clear Skin Again
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